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Let’s help Geoff get back on the road

For those of you who don’t know Geoff Marshall, he’s a Londoner who moved to Charleston, SC, in 2006 and recently set out to shoot a documentary film about a 48-state roadtrip across the U.S.  And on the morning of June 29th he awoke in Greensboro, NC, to find that roughly $6,ooo of computer, video and photography equipment had been stolen from his car while he slept.

Geoff set out to tell a story about America, and we’d sure hate to see that story end like this.

So here’s what’s happening: The online community in Charleston, SC, is raising money to help Geoff get back on the road. And bloggers in Greensboro have been checking in to see what they can do to help. Meanwhile, Ken Hawkins, Geoff’s former boss at, has offered to cover the PayPal fees for anyone who pitches in.

Sure, eventually we’ll give Geoff plenty of grief about leaving his gear in the car. But right now, we just want to make sure that this story has a happy ending.